Alternatives to payday loans

The payday loan industry is very lucrative. Companies that are involved in this market benefit greatly from the excessive interest rates and fees they charge for their products, and it’s not just the borrowers who suffer. Payday loan companies have marginalized old businesses, often family owned, that charge reasonable rates and terms. In many ways, […]

Best Long Term Loans

Long-term loans are rather a domain of banking institutions, but some non-bank companies also offer them. While short-term loans are only small amounts and the differences between individual offers are not so striking, large loans can save up to tens of thousands of crowns. For long-term loans, it is clear that classic bank loans are […]

Low-interest non-bank loan

The offer of loans from non-banking companies is very wide and constantly growing. As new lenders are growing, stronger competition has led to more and more attractive offers, and no more interest and fee-free loans are no exception. In general, non-bank loans are much more expensive than bank loans, and a person who has a […]